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Rock Climbing Knots Class Unit 4 Lesson D

Unit 4 - Lesson D

Overhands in a Quad

Here is another example of some of the knots we practiced in action. The anchor we use in this video is called a "Quad" and can be used in either Sport or Trad climbing scenarios. This is not a lesson on building anchors. Anchor building is a much larger topic that we hope to widdle down by providing this course on knots first. If you are interested in learning more about anchors, you can check out our free database of Anchor Building videos here. Why is it free when this class wasn't? This is a system we have in place for our Anchor Building students who study with us in Joshua Tree National Park to preview and review the material. The course is content heavy and this is what it takes to help people hit the ground running when they get here! We will (FYI) be creating an interactive online anchor building course as well. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, remember! Your answers on these videos go toward your final pass/fail grade. So, pay attention and do your best!

Quads are awesome!