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Rock Climbing Knots Class Unit 4 Final

Unit 4 - Final

By the end of this course we hope that you will be able to tie the knots we have covered in this class, recognize if they are tied correctly and recognize if they are being used correctly in the right context.  Completing this course will not make you a self sufficient in climbing outdoors.  However, it will provide a good foundation of knowledge for you and your climbing partners.  You can now be a valuable participant in double checking systems to keep yourself and your partners safe.  You also have enough knowledge now to recognize how well studied your climbing partner is.
On a side note, rock climbing has grown so quickly in popularity, the old style of more experienced climbers teaching newer climbers has been strained.  There are far too many new climbers for the old ways of teaching to keep up.  Additionally, factory testing and improvements to climbing gear continually upgrade our safety standards.  So, as you continue to climb over the years, keep checking in with courses and climbing guides to know if your knowledge is up to date with the current standards of the AMGA and PCGI.
I hope you nail this test and feel confident with your knowledge of these knots next time you go climbing!  And remember, if you are ready to take this knowledge to the next level, look into some of our other Stone Adventure courses both online and in person at beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.  Best of luck!