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Rock Climbing Knots Class Unit 1 Intro

Welcome to the Rock Climbing Knots Course! Ready for some hands on practice? Please prepare a climbing rope, a cordelette or some other similar tying materials to follow along and practice these knots. Allow yourself plenty of time to tie these knots again and again. If a knot is new to you, the chances of getting it the first time are pretty slim. So, be patient and give it as many tries as it takes. There is a rewind feature (5 second snippets) in the videos. On the flipside, some people nail a knot their first try! (Yes, these people exist). However, even if you get the knot correct the first time or first couple times, I still encourage you to tie it up to a half dozen times correctly for memory. As they say, easy come, easy go. If you replicated a knot without thinking about it in only 3 seconds, what at the odds that you will remember it next week? Use your great working memory to tie each knot again and again until it seeps into the deeper recesses of your brain via muscle memory! Patience, practice and the willingness to get hands-on with all the material is what we need from you to make this work!

Each Unit is broken down into Lessons supported by a software called Playposit. The Lessons have a short written overview, but the bulk of the material is in the form of an interactive video called "Bulbs".  Each Lesson has a Bulb to watch, pause, and practice tying knots with.  The Lesson Bulbs will have some questions to answer that will go toward you final score in the course.  If you get an 80% or higher, you pass and are eligible to get a 10% discount on any of our outdoor rock climbing courses in Joshua Tree National Park!  The Lesson Bulbs can be replayed and the questions can be answered again. The final Quizzes at the end of the Units are the same video format as the Assignments but more densely loaded with questions.  These Unit End Quizzes can be taken only once, so be sure you have completed and practiced all the material from the Lessons before opening them!

In Summary, to pass this class and become eligible for the 10% discount off of our rock climbing courses in Joshua Tree National Park, you will need to complete the following:

  • Purchase the online course (Purchase Online Here)
  • Successfully log in (we are using a software called Playposit to run the interactive videos)
  • Answer all the questions in the Lessons and Quizzes with a grade of 80% or higher
  • Click the blue tab labeled "FINISH AND EXIT" at the end of each video! This step will submit and save your final answers.

Once you receive your username and password from Stone Adventures you are ready to log in and get started.  Please click the hyperlink at the bottom of the page to log into Playposit.  Then, scroll down and hit the Orange Tab below labelled, "Next Lesson" to get started with the first Bulb.  Be sure to follow all the prompts, answer all the questions and click the blue tab at the end labelled "FINISH AND EXIT" (otherwise your answers will not be submitted or saved).  If you would like a chance to retry the Bulb, click the white tab at the end of the video labelled, "RETRY BULB" and you will get another chance to watch the bulb and correctly answer the questions. Remember, the Quizzes do not have a retry option and can only be taken once.  So, be sure you feel ready for the quiz before opening it.

Finally, if you are interacting with these Bulbs on you computer, I recommend full screening it.  In Full Screen mode, the questions will automatically pop up AND disappear after you have answered them.  If you are not in full screen mode, the questions will hinder your view of the video. These Lessons are also mobile friendly.  To change the view you can simply flip your phone to portrait or landscape views.

Good luck!  And enjoy the process.

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