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Self Rescue

What will you do if a lightning storm rolls while you are 400 feet above the ground?  Or maybe someone gets sick, hurt or just plain scared when the ground is too far away to make an easy retreat.  Maybe your rope gets damaged or you drop some crucial piece of equipment.  Do you have what it takes to get yourself and your partner off the mountain?  The sad reality is that many climbers venture into terrain beyond their skill set.  Don't get yourself into a situation that you can't fix!

Our 2-day Self Rescue Course is designed to teach you all the skills you need to know to save the day when things go south.  Just a few of the topics covered include load transfers, bridges, belay escapes, knot passing, hauling systems, rope ascension, rescue spiders, and much, much more!  These are self rescue skills that every multi-pitch climber should know.  This course can be directed toward the single-pitch environment in a 1-day course (good for sport climbers!).

Aspiring multi-pitch climbers or those wishing to take our Intro To Multi-Pitch Course should strongly consider pairing it with the Self Rescue Course!

Climber in Joshua Tree National Park

What are the rates for Instructional Self Rescue Climbing Courses?

In efforts to make our instructional courses more accessible and affordable for aspiring outdoor climbers, we have special discounted instructional rates.  Climbers are encouraged to bring their own gear to practice with, however, Stone Adventures will provide any needed rock climbing equipment at no extra cost. All courses are 6 hours long, taught by a full time professional rock climbing guide and the curriculum is up-to-date with the standards of the Professional Climbing Guide Institute (PCGI) and American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA).  Last but not least, the courses are held outside in beautiful Joshua Tree National Park!

Instruction RatesPrice per Climber
1 Climber$365
2 Climbers$225
3+ Climbers$190

What to Expect during a Stone Adventures Intro to Trad Rock Climbing Course?

On the day of your trip you will go to the meeting location inside the National Park at the confirmed date and time. This Google Maps link will be in the confirmation email sent at the time of reservation as well as a description of your guide’s car and a short self-introduction video of your guide.  After meeting, you will caravan a short distance to the climbing area.  You will then be outfitted with rock climbing shoes, harnesses and helmets.  Waivers are required to be signed by all of our participants. Children under 18 need to have their waivers signed by a legal guardian. From there, everyone will take their packed bags and start walking to the climbing area. To save time, please come to Joshua Tree National Park with a small backpack prepared with water, snacks, jackets, sunblock and whatever else you need to be comfortable on your trip.

Once at the climbing area, your guide will begin to set up the ropes and anchors and the climbing will begin shortly after!  The first route will be a moderate warm up climb. This is an opportunity to become familiar with your guide, trust the gear and learn how to read the rock.  Thereafter, your guide will continue to choose routes that best suit your abilities and ambitions. We do not push people past their fear points. Let us help you transition into outdoor climbing today!

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