PCGI Guide Training

Want to become a PCGI certified rock climbing guide?  Or are you a recreational climber that wants to take his/her rope skills to the next level?

Stone Adventures’ head guide Aron Stockhausen is a PCGI approved mentor.  He can help train and certify you to work in the outdoor rock climbing industry.

A PCGI Top Rope Guide (TRG) is certified to take multiple people out rock climbing in the single-pitch environment, without lead climbing.  This includes top rope climbing, belaying, lowering, rappelling, anchor building, and many single-pitch rope rescue skills applicable to the single-pitch environment.

The traditional TRG course is taught in a 3-day format, which is fast-paced but possible for skilled students.  The 4-day format is strongly recommended, as this provides for a slower-paced learning environment and adds lots of time for hands-on practice of the skills being learned.

The TRG assessment is scheduled as a half day.  Bring your A-game to prove that you have mastered your skills and are able to guide at a professional level.  The actual assessment must be completed within the 2-hour time limit.

Need a little more personal instruction before taking an assessment?  Need to re-certify? The TRG certification provided by the PCGI is good for 3 years.  To re-certify, Top Rope Guides must complete 8 hours of continuing education, and pay the PCGI renewal fee.

Before taking your course, please check out our online Climbing School!  These tutorial videos will help bring you up-to-speed before taking your PCGI course.

(Price/person for entire course)1 Student2+ Students
TRG Course 3-day$900*$450*
TRG Assessment 1/2 Day$275*$200*
Mentoring/Continuing Education 1 Day$375*$200*

* All rates are listed per person, and cover the entire course, assessment or mentoring day.  The listed rates DO NOT cover your PCGI fees, which are $75/person for the TRG course, $40/person for the TRG assessment, and $100/person for a certification renewal (good for 3 years).