Joshua Tree Family Rock Climbing

Family Rock Climbing

No one is too young, old, big or small to go rock climbing with us in Joshua Tree National Park!  We climb with families and kids on a regular basis.  In fact, many Stone Adventures guides have kids of their own.  We can climb with youngsters of any age- so far our youngest has been one year old!  We have climbing equipment specifically sized for kids, and our guides know how to make kids feel comfortable and succeed on the rocks.

We customize each climbing trip just for your family.  We aim to keep kids engaged at all times, whether on the rope, scrambling, or with our desert flora and fauna coloring books (1 coloring book for each kid!).

Got a junior climbing team kid?  We also have experience coaching elite-level junior climbers in Joshua Tree National Park.

Kids Rock!


Caesar (left), Captain America (center), and Gus (right) - Head Trainers for Stone Adventures.  All of the Stone Adventures guide team has climbed with people of all abilities, sizes and ages, including these guys!!!

Half Day (4 Hours)3/4 Day (6 Hours)Full Day (8+ Hours)
What is a 4-hour trip?What is a 6-hour trip?What is a full-day trip?
1 Climber$285$335$385
2 Climbers$175$200$235
3 Climbers$145$170$200
4 Climbers$130$150$180
5+ Climbers$120$140$160

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