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Instructional Rock Climbing Courses

All of our rock climbing courses in Joshua Tree are designed to help aspiring rock climbers transition to the next level.  Whether you are an indoor gym climber looking to take your skills outdoors, a sport climber looking to start leading trad, or an experienced multi-pitch rock climber needing to brush up on rope rescue skills, we have an instructional course designed just for you!  All courses are taught by a full time, professional rock climbing guide and the curriculum is up-to-date with the standards of the Professional Climbing Guide Institute and American Mountain Guide Association.

Gym To Stone

Take your skills from the climbing gym to the great outdoors!   This course covers outdoor top rope climbing and belaying, anchor building, bouldering, outdoor climbing techniques, and so much more!

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Intro To Sport Climbing

This class includes discussion on rock climbing equipment, lead climbing (by way of mock leads), lead belay, safe sport anchors, anchor cleaning and rappelling.

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Anchor Building

In our Anchor Building for Rock Climbing Course, you will learn how to place gear, equalize anchor points, and how to safely set up an anchor for your climbing friends without jeopardizing your own safety.

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Intro to Trad Climbing - Part 1

Through discussion and lots of hands-on practice, climbers will learn how to place gear in crack systems, analyze the gear placements, mitigate rope drag by using alpine quickdraws, organize gear on their harnesses, and practice trad leading by way of mock leads.

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Intro To Trad Climbing - Part 2

This course covers top-managed belaying, rappelling with backup systems, and more fine-tuned practice for placing gear on lead.  At the end of this course, students should have the knowledge to confidently take their friends or family out trad climbing.

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Intro To Multi-Pitch

During this course we will climb multi-pitch routes!  We will also practice skills such as anchor building, rappelling, top-manged belaying, self tethering, station management, rope management, and gear racking.

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Self Rescue

Just a few of the topics covered include load transfers, bridges, belay escapes, knot passing, hauling systems, rope ascension, rescue spiders, and much, much more!  These are self rescue skills that every multi-pitch climber should know.

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In the Rappelling Course, we will cover self tethering, rigging an extended rappel with a backup system (friction hitch), fireman's belay, rope management, and how to throw your ropes without them getting tangled in the wind.

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Continuing Education

Have you taken an instructional course with us, but just need to brush up on a few things?  We will design a custom course just for you, to get you back up to speed!

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Rates for Instructional Courses

In efforts to make our instructional rock climbing courses in Joshua Tree more accessible and affordable for responsible aspiring outdoor climbers, we have special discounted instructional rates.  Climbers are encouraged to bring their own gear to practice with, however, Stone Adventures will provide any needed rock climbing equipment at no extra cost. All courses are 6 hours long and taught by a professionally certified rock climbing guide in beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.

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