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Our Partners

Mojave Desert Land Trust (MDLT)

Stone Adventures rock climbing guide service is a proud supporter of the Mojave Desert Land Trust.  The MDLT is an NPO dedicated to protecting the Mojave Desert by buying tracts of land in a strategic way to support corridors for wildlife.  They also organize volunteers to restore the land to its natural state (by way of removing trash and weeding non-native invasive plants), and raise native plants in their nursery.  The MDLT also keeps its community up to date on commercial projects and government policies that will impact and/or threaten the fragile ecosystem of the high desert.

Stone Adventures is committed to supporting the MDLT by way of financial donations and service donations. Keep an eye out for our Stone Adventure Rock Climbing Days in the MDLT fund raising raffles, or get a discount with us by donating directly to the MDLT.  For more information, please visit the Mojave Desert Land Trust!

Our guides are committed to protecting, learning about and sustainably operating in the Mojave Desert and in Joshua Tree National Park.  For professional development, our guides have experienced an instructional tour from a plant specialist from the MDLT in order to better understand our natural environment and responsibly pass this information on to our guests. We sincerely hope our guides are knowledgeable enough to provide you with all the answers to your questions in regards to the fierce, yet delicate ecosystem in Joshua Tree National Park.

Sender One

Stone Adventures is proud to facilitate the outdoor education program at Sender One Climbing Gym in Santa Ana, CA.  Our curriculum is up to date with the current standards of the Professional Climbing Guides Institute and the American Mountain Guides Association.  The outdoor education classes are taught by our professionally certified, full-time rock climbing guides.  For more information, check out Sender One’s Outdoor Education Page.