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The Blob

Level:  Beginner - Grade I 5.5

Max Group Size:  2

Season:  Fall thru Spring

200' of Rock Climbing

The Blob is an amazing rock formation located near Hidden Valley Campground, in the epicenter of rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park.  This iconic rock formation is quite large, and "Beginners Two" takes the longest route up the south face (the longest crack on the formation's left side).  This is a great introduction to multi-pitch rock climbing, and a great stepping-stone before tackling some of the bigger rock climbing routes in Joshua Tree.

About the Climb

This 200' rock climbing route ascends a large crack.  This is a great introduction to footwork and crack climbing technique, as well as multi-pitch rock climbing skills such as rope management, cleaning gear, and belaying the lead climber.  Your Stone Adventures guide will lead climb the route, so you'll be nice and safe on top rope.  The adventure doesn't end at the summit!  Getting down from the top is also a rock scrambling and climbing adventure.

The Blob can be a half day adventure, or could be paired with beginner instruction, or another adventure for a full day.

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