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Rock Climbing Knots Class Unit 3 Lesson C

Unit 3 - Lesson C

Double Bowline Knot

The Double Bowline Knot is another way to tie into sport or trad climbing instead of the Figure 8. This knot is easy to tie and untie, making it an ideal choice for using while projecting a tough climb. This knot will not be as difficult to untie as a Figure 8 after multiple falls. So, buyer beware! If you choose to use a Bowline, be sure to use the Double Bowline and absolutely make sure you have a back-up knot. Finally, it is a very simple knot that can easily be tied incorrectly. So, make sure your partner knows how to double check your knot before using this one! Below is an interesting article from comparing the Figure and and Double Bowline. Enjoy! And do your best to tie this one as you follow the video. Whether or not you choose to use this knot for yourself, you might climb with someone who does!

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