Universal Belay Certification

Stone Adventures is a proud provider of the American Alpine Club Universal Belay Certification Program!

What is the Universal Belay Program?

Have you ever been to a climbing gym, only to be told "that's not how we belay here"?  Maybe you just met a climbing partner who uses a different belay technique, or a different belay device than you do.  Is it safe?  How can you tell?  Belaying is one of the most important jobs we have as rock climbers, and knowledge equals safety!

The Universal Belay Program was developed by the American Alpine Club to help standardize belay practices and principles.  Although there are numerous belay methods and myriad belay devices, there are some universal principles that a "good" belay should always adhere to.  Learn all about belaying and get AAC Belay Certified with Stone Adventures!

There are 4 different certifications available:

Manual Braking Device (MBD)

Top Rope Belay Certification

Assisted Braking Device (ABD)

Top Rope Belay Certification

Manual Braking Device (MBD)

Lead Belay Certification

Assisted Braking Device (ABD)

Lead Belay Certification

For no extra charge, we can include certification in any of our guided trips.  Just let us know at the time of reservation so that we can design your trip appropriately.  If you're only interested in obtaining certification, check out our Universal Belay Certification Courses below:

2-Hour Top Rope Course (MBD/ABD)
1 Climber$160
2 Climbers$80
3 Climbers$53
4+ Climbers$40
3-Hour Lead Belay Course (MBD/ABD)Price/Climber
1 Climber$200
2 Climbers$100
3 Climbers$67
4+ Climbers$50

Q:  Do I have to know how to belay already?

A:  No!  We can teach you everything you need to know.  If you already know how to belay, this will speed up the process.

Q:  Am I guaranteed certification?

A:  We always set our guests up for success, but you do have to demonstrate proficiency to obtain certification.  While we cannot guarantee certification ahead-of-time, our guides are great teachers and will do their very best to make sure you pass.

Q:  How do I get my Universal Belay Certifications?

A:  After demonstrating proficiency, your Stone Adventures guide will submit your details to the American Alpine Club database.  You'll receive an email from them.  If you'd like to have a certification card printed, the AAC charges a $10 administrative fee for non-members.  Alpine Club members will receive their card free of charge.

Q:  Are there any resources available to study beforehand?

A:  Sure!  Watch the videos below, courtesy of the AAC.  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Stone Adventures.  We'd be more than happy to help!

Top Rope Belay

Lead Belay

Details Matter

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