Nature Walks

Did you know that Joshua Tree is a National Park because of the plants?  No, it's not because of the rocks, although the rocks do make the landscape more dramatic.  In 1936, Joshua Tree was designated a National Monument thanks to the hard work of conservationist Minerva Hoyt, who recognized that the fragile and beautiful desert ecosystem was something special that needing protecting. In 1994, Joshua Tree was given National Park status by the federal government.

About Our Nature Walks

Let us lead you on a 2-3 hour Nature Walk inside beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.  Our knowledgeable nature enthusiast will take you to some little-visited areas of the park, where you will see some of the beautiful plant life, and if you're lucky, some of the incredibly illusive wildlife!  Learn all about the desert plants, their uses, edibility, and the quirky, unique features they exhibit.

flowering beavertail cactus in Joshua Tree National Park

Flowering Beavertail Cactus

baby cactus wren in Joshua Tree National Park

Baby Cactus Wren in Nest

dudleya saxosa

Flowering Dudleya Saxosa

Nature Walk Rates

For a flat fee of $250 we can accommodate up to six guests.  For groups of more than six, please inquire about pricing.

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