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Art In The Park

Joshua Tree is an amazing place to be an artist.  With towering rock formations, epic views of alien landscapes, and trees reminiscent of creatures frozen in time, this park is a brilliant and bizarre venue for artists of all kinds to practice their craft, including of course, the art of rock climbing.  Finding the right perspective, however, can be challenging, especially when the thought-provoking angles you are looking for tend to be found hundreds of feet off the ground. Allow us to take you there!

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About our Art in the Park trips

Joshua Tree is home to a vibrant and eclectic community of artists, each with their own fantastic creative talents and unique vision.  Driving through the park, it is not uncommon to see artists set up along the busy roadside with sketchbooks and easels, working to capture the natural beauty that surrounds them.

As proud Joshua Tree locals who are committed to supporting the creative community, we would like to provide you, the artist, with the opportunity to create your art in the park’s most remote locations, away from traffic and tourists with selfie-sticks.  We’ll guide you off the beaten path to explore the wilderness and marvel at the beauty of its open spaces and tucked-away nooks.

Combined with an intimate knowledge of the park and a shared passion for art, you and your guide will design a trip based upon your creative goals and comfort levels.

Level 1

Our Art in the Park Level 1 trip combines hiking and scrambling/rock-hopping to access remote and beautiful areas of the park.  No technical rock climbing experience is necessary, but a sense of adventure will not go amiss!

Once we arrive at our destination, we provide art supplies and fun art activities to get your mojo flowing.

Level 2

On a level 2 trip the adventure level is turned up, and you'll follow your guide up technical rock faces using ropes and hardware.  This is a fantastic way to inspire yourself (unbeatable views), and to experience the art form of rock climbing.

You'll climb with a small backpack of light-weight art supplies, so you can practice your art in the most fantastic locations imaginable!

Level 1 + 2

Our 2-day Level 1 and 2 program is a great way to build your confidence in rocky terrain, and experience all that Joshua Tree National Park has to offer!  It can also be a great way to finish the piece you started the first day.  We offer a 10% discount for booking both trips.

What Is Provided?

All of our Art in the Park trips are lead by a certified rock climbing guide with intimate knowledge of the park's trails, rock formations, flora and fauna.  Your guide will also provide art materials such as colored pencils, pastels and markers.  You'll also be given a multimedia sketchbook to use on the trip which is yours to keep.  All you need to bring are some snacks, water, sunscreen and a small backpack.  If you wish to use your own art supplies, you are welcome to bring them as well.

Level 1 Rates


for up to 6 people

Level 2 Rates

Half DayFull Day
1 Person$250$350
2 People$160$225
3 People$130$185
4 People$115$165
5 People$105$150
6+ People$100$140

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